We need Middle Easterners to be able to tell their own story.
And we need an organization that can assist them in that pursuit.

Western audiences often view the Middle East as a monolith when in fact the region is diverse, pluralistic, and more akin to a mosaic. Part of the reason for this misconception is that the Western media tends to cover only the stories of war and strife in the region. Another reason is that there are not enough documentaries and films being made by Middle Easterners and from their perspectives.

We need an organization that will change this, be a springboard for documentary makers, and help get their films out beyond the Arab region.

Welcome The Middle East Documentary Film Foundation.

As the Sundance Institute has thrived and advanced the art of independents, there needs to be a similar organization in the Middle East. The Middle East Documentary Film Foundation aims to be that world-class organization to empower, inspire, train, and fund filmmakers from the region to tell their stories and to tell stories about our World from their point of view. Documentaries can change the world and Middle Easterners need to start having a louder voice in the powerful global genre of documentaries, especially when it comes to issues that affect their region. What are their hopes, concerns, worries, and aspirations for their region and the world?

It is only through the use of the most powerful medium in the world - film - that dialogue, discussion, and debate will be created between East and West. Through these cross-cultural exchanges, stereotypes will be broken and bridges will be built.